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Pike Fishing
October 1st until March 31st Annually

Peter Eastwood - 19lbs Pike River lake.rev

We allow pike fishing on Wyre, Banton’s, Sunny 1 & Sunny 2. Pike anglers are allowed to use a maximum of 4 rods. You must bring /purchase your own bait – you cannot use the fishery freshwater livestock.

Rules: (to be used alongside fishery rules)

  • Semi Barbed trebles.
  • Spinning and dead bait only, fresh or sea. No live baiting allowed under any circumstances anyone found using live bait will be banned without refund.
  • Adequate size and depth unhooking mat.
  • Forceps and side cutters (hook cutters) must be used at all times.
  • 36" min landing net.
  • 15lb min line mono, 30lb min braided mainline can be used.
  • Spinning must be on a 1 rd limit and from a designated swim. Care and attention must be taken to anglers who are fishing other swims.
  • All traces must be a minimum of 15" long.