Wyreside Open Carp Cup 2019
Singles Match

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Wyreside Lakes





  Wyreside Lakes


  Any person appointed as such by the organisers.


  Any angler accepted for entry into the tournament by the organisers.

The Organisers are Wyreside Lakes who have absolute control and discretion over the competition, the rules and any amendments thereto.

The competition will be run over 48hrs starting at 12 midday on Friday 6th September and finishing at 12 midday Sunday 8th September 2019– fishing 2 rds only.

Competitors must arrive and register themselves no later than 09.00 am on the morning of the draw – the draw will be at 9.30am.

The allocation of swims will be done by sealed envelope and included will be your swim number, a food order sheet, a score sheet and the marshal phone numbers.

All competitors must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod Licence which may be checked at registration or during the competition. Anyone not producing a rod licence upon request will be excluded from the competition – without refund.

Each competitor must set up his rods and accommodation within the boundaries authorised by the officials. Competitors must not cast outside the limits of their swim, such limit to be marked by an imaginary line marking the middle distance between his and his neighbours peg marker. Any disputes as to the competitors casting outside the area must be reported immediately to the marshals. Marshals have the discretion to request that competitors re-cast their rods as and when directed and such request must be complied with.

At the sound of the horn at 12minday competitors may start fishing no baiting marking are casting rods are aloud before the horn sounds.

There will be no baiting up by any means other than hand/throwing stick/bait rocket/ spoon or catapult. Free Baits may be attached by PVA to the rig. Swimming and wading for any reason whatsoever is prohibited unless a marshal deems it completely necessary for the safety of the fish and angler.

Bait boats are not permitted. All baiting must be done from your designated swim –you are not allowed to walk along the bankside to bait up or position rigs. Competitors will be permitted to use a maximum of two rods and must cast and bait their own rods, and play/ land their own fish. No assistance shall be allowed from any other person unless the marshal shall deem completely necessary.

All fish caught must be reported as soon as possible to the marshals. Each fish must be witnessed by at least 1 marshal.

Each fish must be weighed on the official equipment of the marshals or it may be excluded from the results. To prevent cheating, where requested please do not return fish to the water before they have been photographed. In the unlikely event of a Marshall being unable to immediately weigh and witness a captured fish it MAY be placed in a carp sack or net for holding until such a time as a marshal is available. The official weight will be that which is recorded by the marshal following weighing procedure by the officials using the official equipment. Retained fish must be secured as fish lost prior to the weighing are the responsibility of the competitor and will not count towards the final results.

Competitors are required to possess their own carp sacks as in the event of a multiple capture sacks will be required to hold fish until weighing. They will not be provided by the organisers.

Hooked fish should be landed without interfering with other competitor lines or they may be omitted from the final result. Any competitor who is aggrieved by another competitors hooked fish moving his lines or disturbing his presentation must make a formal complaint to the marshals as soon as is reasonably practicable or in any case within 30 minutes. If any competitor wants to make a complaint about the conduct or practice of another competitor they must also do so to their marshal within 30 minutes of any alleged infringement taking place. Any competitor wishing to challenge the results of an event or a decision made by a marshal at the event must do so to the organisers within 1 hour of the end of the competition.

Only officials, press, competitors and marshals are permitted to bivvy up on the banks or stay in the competition area after the hours of darkness unless authorised by the organisers.

The organisers retain the right to search all competitors tackle or vehicles to combat any form of cheating or rule breaking. Anglers found cheating will banned for life from the Wyreside Lakes complex and will be reported to the promoters and the national angling press.

The competition shall be decided on total weight with the greatest weight being declared the winner. In the event of a tie the angler with the most fish will be declared the winners. If the result is still tied the angler catching the biggest fish will be declared the winner. If there is still a tied position then the “fastest fish” rule applies and the angler that landed the fish first will be declared the winner.

In the event that an insufficient number of fish are caught, the competitors shall take part in a “cast off” which shall involve a test of accurate casting. The angler judged as being the most accurate shall be classed as the winner.

Only carp catches will be counted.

Should any competitor wish to leave their swim for any reason they must reel in their rods and their baited hooks must be removed from the rods.

All lines must be cast into the water from the bank using a fishing rod & reel.

Each line may only have one hook attached. For conservation purposes the organisers request that barbed are used. Fishery rules apply in this regard.

For a fish to count in the competition it must have been hooked squarely in the mouth or within 2 cm of the mouth. Foul hooked fish will be excluded and shall be returned to the water unregistered.

Each angler shall be permitted to use up to two rods and baited hooks in the water at any time and have further rods in reserve set up and ready to use.

Two plumbing and two Spod rods are allowed in addition to the baited rods. Once used, plumbing and Spod rod lines must be removed from the water. Unethical use of the Spod / marker line may result in disqualification or penalty.

Any angler using more than the authorised number of baited rods will be immediately disqualified from the competition and reported to the promoters.

Fish must be landed from the peg. Competitors are not permitted to wade or walk down the bank to land fish unless authorised to do so by an official.

Competitors must comply with requests from authorised media members at all times regarding media coverage.

The sounding of a horn will signify the end of the competition (12midday Sunday) whereupon competitors must immediately withdraw their lines from the water.

Any fish hooked before the final horn sounds must be landed within 10 minutes of the end of the competition or it will be excluded from the final results.

In the event of a fish becoming irretrievably snagged the boat rule may, where practical, be applied. This will be at the discretion of the event organiser. For full details of the boat rule please see below.

The awards ceremony will take place in the function room from 1pm on Sunday.

Main fishery rules must be abided by – please see fishery website for full details.


The boat rule is used for fish care and safety. If a fish becomes irretrievably snagged please make your marshal immediately aware of the situation. The rod must be passed to a marshal who will make a decision as to whether the fish is indeed snagged. If it is deemed snagged, a boat, if available, may be launched into the water from the competitor’s swim and the line retrieved without harm to the fish.

Marshals phone numbers Callum 07715490325/ Joe (Friday night 24hrs only) 07792743277 Mat (Saturday night 24hrs only) 07477593886

Or contact reception on 01524 792093