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Hello readers - just a bit of info on our recent lake alterations October / November 2016 at Wyreside lakes.
We have been doing a lot of work here at Wyreside digging lakes out, creating new features, creating wildlife areas and wetlands and moving / adding fish stock – Carp, Bream, Perch, Pike, Roach & Tench.
River lake was closed down the last week in October and all carp and pike were removed but silvers & mixed coarse were left in. The carp removed were between 12lbs and 29lbs and divided into thirds. The largest being held in reserve for Foxs lake (our new carp water) and a third placed into Sunnyside 1 & Sunnyside 2 - carp between 12 and 18lbs.
The first week in November our attention was turned to Foxs lake. The lake had been pumped out while the works on River lake were being carried out and this was a difficult undertaking due to the size of the water. Arrangements had to be made and the lads made sure that there was one person on the lake 24 /7 to ensure no fish were left stranded. Eventually all the water drained into the deepest part (roadside near the outlet pipe) and the fish could then be safely removed. In honesty with both lakes we did not know what we would find as it had been over 25 years since any works had been done on the waters. We knew that we had put in thousands of llbs of roach in Foxs, not only through stocking but also removal from the other carp waters Wyre, Bantons, S1 and S2 over the last 8 years. We also have records that in the November of 2012, 2013 and 2014 we had 60 carp delivered to Foxs lake between 1 and 3lbs.
It took 4 days for the lads to remove the fish, an extremely strenuous and arduous task given the temperature and the silt conditions in the water and it was exhausting just to watch! My job was to do the recording and it was wonderful to see the fish in excellent condition and that these stockies were now mostly of a weight of 6 to 10lbs! There were some wonderful surprises too with weights up to 18lbs. These carp were again split into thirds with one third being held back for Fox’s lake once the ground works have been completed.
Last week 17 new carp were introduced from our regular stockist (used for the last 25 years) with carp between 12 – 21lbs. They were split between Bantons lakes and Sunnyside 1 – pictures attached. Now we have 50 carp in holding for Foxs lake – between 15 to 29lbs. In January we will be receiving some more new stock – another 60 carp between 10 – 18lbs. For now the plan is to continue ground works on Foxs, putting in new features and swims and creating the centre bund which will be planted up with flora & reeds to enable the birds to have sanctuary. Hopefully there will be 12 – 14 swims on this 4 acre lake with 2 car parks at either side.