Recent Newsletter to all Caravan members
Friday 9th June 2017

Attn - Wyreside Caravan members.

We hope you can join us next Saturday as it is our 1st ever official 'Rock Night' with a fabulous performance by 'Faster than Bulls' led by our very own Chris CJ Bull. The night will be dedicated to all types of rock hits and if you want to come in full rock regalia that would be awesome!

Also just a couple of things coming up over the next couple of weeks guys that require attention please........

I will be doing a site inspection this weekend as part of my regular checks to make sure the park is clean & tidy and to comply with health and safety regs.
Next week we will be strimming & cutting hedges and re-stoning certain areas around the park. Can you please ensure that any unwanted pallets, old drums or disused fire pits or general debris around the caravans at the side or the back is removed before work commences- particularly those vans that are on the back row along the brook in Wyre Park and Lake View. If you have anything you want to take home please do so this weekend or it may be removed if it is an obstruction for the outside team.
Your patience is much appreciated.

Also just to let you know about the Guys Farm guides and cubs activity weekend which was last held in June 2015. They have kindly informed me that this year it will be held on Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th of June. Just FYI as it was quite loud and there were also fireworks on the Saturday evening. They assure me they have taken extra measures to reduce the sound by turning the stage around this year to face the motorway so hopefully it will not be too obtrusive for you all.

Dont forget to purchase your festival tickets here at reception

Finally, we have posted the events for the Ladies night and the Men's night on the 14th of October and 4th of November respectively. Our agent has given us a deadline of the 31st of August for cancellations. We need at least 50 people on each event to make it viable. Organizing this event has been especially difficult as I have had to apply for special license because of the adult entertainment. I hope these events do come to fruition this year and if you would like to book please just click to the online booking page - if the event is cancelled all payments will be refundable or can be transferred to another event.

Thank you for you kind attention and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Wednesday 26th May 2017

Dear Member,

I trust you are all keeping well and are looking forward to this May Bank Holiday! I would like to extend a huge thank you to Nic, Elaine and Donna for helping me out with the Easter egg hunt this year due to my unexpected sojourn in hospital and would like to also say a big thank you to all of you who sent cards, flowers and well wishes, it was wonderful to receive them and kept me going through a difficult weekend! The May Bank Holiday poster is attached and I hope you can join me and Jason Oliver on Saturday night as he really is a wonderful entertainer and make will make you smile! On Sunday I will be hosting the 1st ever Lip Synch battle but to make it work we will need registrations to be in on Friday evening so that we can get the songs and any props organised. The winner will receive a cash prize and there will be a children’s category (up to 15) and an adults category 16 and over.

In this email I would also like to address some problems that either I have identified or caravan members have relayed to me over the last few weeks. It is very difficult to write these ‘don’t do’s’ because I don’t want to be the kind of members site where it is militant in its structure but when it comes to security or health and safety issues then I cannot ignore it. As the site has grown there seems to be a growing disregard towards other members with issues such as pitch space and oversized decking, parking space and late evening noise -to name a few. Although we are not responsible for peoples actions, as the owner I have to investigate any complaints and subsequently new rules / regs may have to be implemented.

• Once again I must highlight the importance of signing in. Recently we have had an incident involving guests and the local police have been involved. After an arduous full investigation into our booking computer and also the members signing in book I have been told that this must be more regularly policed and supervised in case the council or other local authorities wish to review our systems and procedures. If members continue to disregard the signing in book I will be forced to change the barrier code and / or revoke the barrier passes and all member will have to call into reception on arrival to sign in.
• May I please remind members that visitors to the site must park in the top car park and sign in at reception and pay £1 parking fee per car –this is to cover amenity usage whilst at the park (visitor statement is in reception) and they must depart the site no later than 9pm please. Visitor cars are not allowed past the barriers unless they are overnight guests of the member – where this is the case the guest must still sign their car in but then they will be allowed through the barrier and must park in the lower car park (before the children’s play area. Despite this being mentioned previously, I have still seen members letting in their guests with their barrier passes. This is strictly prohibited and please remember that there is only one car park space allocated per pitch – any other overnight vehicles must be in your nearest overflow car park.
• Can members please observe the speed limit around the park, the driveway and the fishery. I have had several complaints about members driving at speed, particularly in Lake View and Wyre Park. Members must not drive back to their caravans if they have utilised the bar. Drink driving is not allowed and we reserve the right to ask for car keys if we suspect that a member intends to drive their car after alcohol consumption any resistance will be viewed negatively and may affect your membership.
• We have increasing problems in the bar area with guests coming in already inebriated later on in the evening (after 11pm) smelling smokey and quite often in their night clothes. Although our bar area is not a ‘posh’ place we do have general standards where we would expect guests to dress smart casual unless there is a theme evening on. Any guests who are inappropriately dressed will not be permitted / served.
• Some members have expressed concerns about the use of fire pits. They are worried about embers sparking in the air and making holes in their awning which would mean they are no longer waterproof. Some of the awnings on site are expensive, in excess of 2000 and I think it a valid point that we should all respect each other’s property, particularly as there is a limited distance between each van. With this in mind I feel it necessary to request that fire pits are no longer used but chimenea’s or any item with a lid would be acceptable. I will now add this to the terms and conditions, as I would with with any other changes to the contract. Members of staff will be doing patrols over the next few weeks to ensure that fire pits are no longer being used – your co-operation is very much appreciated.
• Despite my previous emails, dog fouling is an increasing problem. The complaints are numerous and a member complained just this weekend because their little toddler actually stood on poo in the children’s play area! There is poo up the driveway which Elaine picks up every week and she says she sees many walkers with no waste bags who are obviously walking up the drive as there are fewer witnesses! There are poo bins everywhere on the site –there is no excuse. If anyone is seen ignoring their dogs toilet actions and a member of staff witnesses it or it is reported to me - that member will be asked to leave the site immediately.
• Lastly I am extremely concerned after this last weekend about the full paddock power cut in Lake view and The lodge strip. Whilst investigating said areas I found fridge freezers, electrical household heating devices and 4 bar extension leads actually outside in the elements covered in a black plastic bag! I have sent out reminders about this on so many occasions that I am now forced to take personal action. I will be periodically doing awning spot checks and anyone found using household appliances will lose their membership effective immediately without refund. You have all signed your contracts and know what is / is not allowed on site. We have in good faith allowed you all to put your awnings up early and with the weather being particularly cold this week (it has been down to freezing each night since Sunday) I am worried that we will have electrical problems this BH weekend which is completely unfair to those guests that are abiding by the regulations. Please do ensure that you are all using GAS HEATING APPLIANCES ONLY – NOT ELECTRIC in your awnings.

As we have got bigger some problems were to be expected but in general if we could just all have a little respect and understanding for our fellow guests and appreciate the necessity for procedures to be in place then everyone can enjoy Wyreside safely and be happy in their holiday home. If any of you have any questions or comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me personally.
Let’s look forward to a safe, happy and hopefully sunny summer 
kind regards
Wyreside Lakes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPRING NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2016

Dear Member,

We hope you have overwintered well, despite the awful weather we have had. Today is the first sunny day I can remember since last year and its lovely to see some of the members here getting there ‘houses’ in order and enjoying the weather!

As we move on into spring I have a few things to mention before the season commences.  I had a visit from our insurers NFU, they came to do an annual risk assessment on the site. On discussion several issues were raised and as a result I have made further amendments to the contract. I know I have asked this several times but I remind you again to please read the terms and conditions thoroughly. I always make sure that I send the terms with the October newsletter, to enable you all to read it though and then you can make an informed choice if you wish to agree to sign for another 12 months.

In particular I draw your attention to numbers 4, 12, 13, 20 and 21 which pertain to bond payments, awnings & decking and the Fox’s wood. With regards to the porch awnings, we have been too lapse this year and there are several on site which are the incorrect size that have not been taken down - from this October onwards we will be strict on the porch awning size ruling.

We have had some terrible storms here and the winds have displaced many items. I know many of you ‘over winter’ but if I could ask you to please come and check your pitch, even if you are not staying, that would be much appreciated as we really don’t want the park to look unsightly particularly as we are now open all year round. I have regularly walked the site this winter and have witnessed the poor upkeep of several vans which have been left untidy, with pallets stacked up, bikes, bbqs, storage containers blown over and several in need of a good clean!

I know, as Wyresiders, that you are as proud of the site as we are and we want to ensure the importance of the aesthetics and the safety of the site are treated equally. If you are short on time you can contact me and I can organize our team to tidy your pitch at a fair hourly charge.

I would like to sincerely thank all of you that have supported the bar throughout the winter period, we have had some absolutely cracking evenings which I have enjoyed immensely. I hope all of you are aware that we have a new menu and opening times and that we also have loyalty cards for you to use in the bar and restaurant which you can collect at the bar. Can I please remind patrons that only drink and snacks purchased in the bar can be consumed in the bar. If we do witness anyone consuming non purchased items anywhere in the main building your membership will be terminated.

There are lots of events to look forward to this season and just in case you haven’t seen it, the entertainment schedule is attached. We hope to see you on the 18th of March for our St Patrick’s night and then Easter’s entertainment including the Easter egg hunt, coloring competition and evening entertainment with Mark Fenton on Easter Saturday.

If you wish to discuss anything with me, please contact me at reception in person or on 01524 792093 - I’m generally off Tuesdays and Sundays.

Thank you for your continued support and lets look forward to a fantastic year and make lots more wonderful memories!

kindest regards



Terms and Conditions:
- Can be used anytime 7 days a week between the specified dates.
- Booking must be paid for in full, in advance - non refundable.
- Awnings will be charged at the low season rate. Extra cars will be charged at £1 per car.
Dogs will be charged at £1 per dog.
- Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


Christmas pantomimes at Blackpool

Lancaster Christmas Market

Blackpool Christmas Fayre

Christmas Fayres and Garstang market

Preston Christmas Market

Huntley’s Christmas Market – Preston

Morecambe Christmas markets at Festival Market -

Lake District Christmas Markets

Skipton Markets Facebook page

Skipton Markets web page

Kendal Christmas Craft Market Friday 25th November 2016 to Sunday 27th November 2016 -

Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival  Saturday 26th November 2016 to Sunday 27th November 2016

Hawkshead Christmas Fair & Beer Festival Saturday 3rd December 2016 to Sunday 4th December 2016 -

The Masons Arms Christmas Market Sunday 11th December 2016

We know it’s early but Christmas is fast approaching & hopefully we can help you make the most of this special time – whatever the weather!

Have you ever thought of visiting the many fabulous winter wonderlands of the Northwest from amazing Christmas markets in Lancaster to Santa’s grotto at Kendal and many more Christmas related events.

We have taken the liberty of finding some links to towns in the NW that are offering these wonderful things to see and do and our campsite is a fantastic base– just off the M6- nestled in the Bowland Fells.

We would like to give our touring & camping guests a special offer price of just £10 per night per family of 4 – terms and conditions apply – starting from Friday the 25th of November up to Sunday the 18th of December 2016. To welcome you back home we will have food & entertainment on in the bar on Saturday evenings and lovely Christmassy surroundings including a roaring log fire and mince pies!

To book please contact us at reception on 01524 792093 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Lancaster – 6 miles – 10 min drive.
Morecambe – 12 miles – 20 min drive.
Preston – 20 miles – 35 min drive.
Ulverston / Barrow– 40 -50 miles – 1hr drive.
Kendal – 29 miles – 40 min drive.

Winter Offer from the 1st December 2016 - Buy 24hrs -get consecutive 24hrs free.
Example; purchase a ticket on a Friday for 24hrs  (2 rds £21 or 3 rds £25) and receive the Saturday free - departing on Sunday 48hrs later.
Only applies to carp and mixed coarse fishing - not Pike fishing.
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer at Wyreside lakes.

Winter developments at Wyreside lakes 
Fox's Lake and River lake constructions -October & November 2016.
Story underneath..................

20161101_131816 20161101_132057 20160317_124850 foxs-lake-2016-1  20161103_132818 20161101_143906 20160317_125231 20161020_161608
Hello readers - just a bit of info on our recent lake alterations October / November 2016 at Wyreside lakes.
We have been doing a lot of work here at Wyreside digging lakes out, creating new features, creating wildlife areas and wetlands and moving / adding fish stock – Carp, Bream, Perch, Pike, Roach & Tench.
River lake was closed down the last week in October and all carp and pike were removed but silvers & mixed coarse were left in. The carp removed were between 12lbs and 29lbs and divided into thirds. The largest being held in reserve for Foxs lake (our new carp water) and a third placed into Sunnyside 1 & Sunnyside 2 - carp between 12 and 18lbs.
The first week in November our attention was turned to Foxs lake. The lake had been pumped out while the works on River lake were being carried out and this was a difficult undertaking due to the size of the water. Arrangements had to be made and the lads made sure that there was one person on the lake 24 /7 to ensure no fish were left stranded. Eventually all the water drained into the deepest part (roadside near the outlet pipe) and the fish could then be safely removed. In honesty with both lakes we did not know what we would find as it had been over 25 years since any works had been done on the waters. We knew that we had put in thousands of llbs of roach in Foxs, not only through stocking but also removal from the other carp waters Wyre, Bantons, S1 and S2 over the last 8 years. We also have records that in the November of 2012, 2013 and 2014 we had 60 carp delivered to Foxs lake between 1 and 3lbs.
It took 4 days for the lads to remove the fish, an extremely strenuous and arduous task given the temperature and the silt conditions in the water and it was exhausting just to watch! My job was to do the recording and it was wonderful to see the fish in excellent condition and that these stockies were now mostly of a weight of 6 to 10lbs! There were some wonderful surprises too with weights up to 18lbs. These carp were again split into thirds with one third being held back for Fox’s lake once the ground works have been completed.
Last week 17 new carp were introduced from our regular stockist (used for the last 25 years) with carp between 12 – 21lbs. They were split between Bantons lakes and Sunnyside 1 – pictures attached. Now we have 50 carp in holding for Foxs lake – between 15 to 29lbs. In January we will be receiving some more new stock – another 60 carp between 10 – 18lbs. For now the plan is to continue ground works on Foxs, putting in new features and swims and creating the centre bund which will be planted up with flora & reeds to enable the birds to have sanctuary. Hopefully there will be 12 – 14 swims on this 4 acre lake with 2 car parks at either side.