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Nature Trail

The overall aim for our project is to improve, conserve and protect our landscape as well as to educate. Habitat for local wildlife will be protected and we will also strive to encourage it with the addition of nesting boxes and feeding areas.

Visitors will be provided with information about the area on large free standing boards around the nature trail. These will cover both plant life as well as birds and mammals.

The landscape will continue to be maintained and access improved with the creation of a walkway which will pass through the woodland and lakes with periodic information boards. These will include children's activities and, where possible, we will strive to provide wheelchair access points to the boards. Our visitors will be able to interact with the landscape and use it as well as learning about its wildlife.

The nature trail will be an exciting and environmentally educational way to showcase our local woodland for the public.

Unfortunately the storms over the recent years, particularly since Storm Desmond in December 2015, have put the project back somewhat as the we have lost over 20 feet of woodland adjacent to the river Wyre and much of our surrounding land is still waterlogged. However, as soon as we have more news about a start date we will update you.

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