Policies and Procedures


Here at Wyreside Lakes we welcome our customer feedback and always ensure that we take any complaints very seriously and try to hopefully resolve them. This feedback allows us to correct any problems with our service, give us a chance to re-establish our mutual relationship and enable us to learn how to improve our service quality. We define a complaint as any consumer expression of dissatisfaction with our service.

Our complaint handling processes will be consistent with current complaint handling standards including the Equality and Disability Acts. We promise to demonstrate that:

  • Our management and staff are committed to its effectiveness.
  • We are fair to both complainant and respondent.
  • We have procedures for feedback.
  • Our staff respond courteously to feedback and complaints within two working days with the appropriate remedies.
  • Collect data on consumer complaints and feedback and use the information to identify any underlying causes of consumer problems, correct any problems and improve the quality of our services.
  • Ensure that the complainant does not deal with any staff who were involved in the problem.

If you wish to make a suggestion, give feedback or make a complaint please contact our general manager Mrs S Hughes.
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