Fishing And Our Lakes

We have a mixture of carp, pike and coarse fishing offering a variety of species and size which will provide a challenge to both the professional and novice angler. To find out more information about the lakes and their features and depths please click below on the lake you wish to see. 

Children's Fishing -
Young anglers are welcomed to Wyreside lakes and they must be accompanied (supervised) by at least one experienced adult angler-over the age of 21. The children's day ticket tariff is calculated at a rate of £5 per day ticket for 1 rd and is for children between the ages of 5 - 14 years old - fishing on River lake. Other lakes available to more experienced young anglers over the age of 12 are Foxs, Sunnyside 1 and Sunnyside 2 but they must still be accompanied at all times by an experienced angler. Overnight tickets can be purchased on a 'Lads and dads (or mums) ticket' on S1 & s2 where the adult uses 2 rds and the child uses 1 rd - at a cost of £30 per 24hrs.
Minors over the age of 16 may fish unaccompanied overnight - however proof of age may be required and also parental / guardian contact details will also have to be given.



•Farming until the early 1950’s.•Gravel extraction works during the mid 60’s to late 70’s.•From early 80’s onwards plantation and conservation works to create the basic lakes and surroundings – Cooper Heyman Cup won in 1997 for excellence in restoration and conservation.•1986 until 1992 managed by Larry Fitzgerald.•1992 until 2003 managed by Bob Birkin.•2003 – present – Managed by Sally Hughes

1992 - 1996

  • Wyre, Sunnyside and River lakes are already established and stocked – Wyre becomes a membership water (previously syndicated). •Sunnyside lake is drained –with the carp placed into Banton's lake and the coarse placed into Fox’s lake. Sunnyside lake then becomes a trout water, initial stock introduced 3,000 – investment by the Duchy. •Banton's, Sunnyside and Fox's lakes are landscaped and planted up. Banton's lake is added to the membership waters

1996 - 1999

  • Quarry and Wharf lakes are added to the Wyreside portfolio and the lakes are drained and altered to become a match lake and stock pond.
  • Quarry lake is stocked by taking all the small carp from each of the other lakes on the complex and Wharf lake is separately stocked.

2000 - 2006

•Sunnyside lake is split into 2 separate waters – Sunnyside 1 and Sunnyside 2. A walkway (bund) is created splitting the water into two, by adding infill from the old gas works in Lancaster capped off with clay and soil and then seeded to create the walkway – then plantation was added. S/1 became the a carp and pike water and S/2 remained as the trout water. •Due to the high demand for carp fishing in the Northwest and the increase of trout waters in the surrounding area – S/2 was changed to a carp water with £15,000 of carp stock added.

2007 - 2011

Quarry lake is closed after decisions based on fish mortality and security issues. The lake is drained and stock removed into Sunnyside 1 and River lakes. The lake is removed from the Wyreside portfolio.

2013 - 2015

10 x mid doubles are added to S1 stock. The back bank of Fox's lake is re -landscaped creating flatter /wider swims and extra parking for easy access and match purposes. 600 3-5lb carp are added and over 1500lbs of roach, tench and perch are moved from Wyre, S1 and S2 into Foxes'. Over £12000 worth of new stock between 12-15lbs was added in November 2015 to Sunnyside 1, Sunnyside 2 and Wyre Lake

The site continues to be developed and in winter 2017..............
The site continues to be developed and in winter 2016 another 20 carp (upto 22lbs) were added into Sunnyside 1 and Bantons lakes. The stock pond (between Fox's and Bantons lakes) will be completed and later this year Fox's lake will be transformed into our newest carp water with 13 swims and many features to fish too - including a new underwater bar.
River lake will become our mixed coarse water - a smaller more intimate lake and the large carp that currently reside there will be re-located to S1, S2 and Fox's lakes.